How to upgrade to Anope 2

November 3, 2019

Anope 2 is a set of IRC Services designed for flexibility and ease of use.

Anope is available in two flavors: Stable and Development. The stable version has been tested for months and is as stable as a rock, while the development version gets new features added constantly and allows you to enjoy the future of services today.

Anope 2.1.5 has been released. This is a development release.

The most notable changes are:

  • Added an example systemd unit file.
  • Added support for BIGLINES on UnrealIRCd.
  • Added the nickserv/drop/override and chanserv/drop/override oper privileges.
  • Bumped the minimum supported version of Bahamut to 2.0.
  • Fixed truncating messages in global/global and global/server.
  • Improved building Anope for use as a system package.
  • Updated the Turkish translation.

How to upgrade Anope Services

tar zxvf 2.0.15.tar.gz
rm -rf 2.0.15.tar.gz
cd anope-2.0.15
cd build
make install
cd services/bin
Run $ ./bin/services to start Anope.