Request a Free Shell

July 4, 2016

Due to the big number of free accounts and the abuse caused by our “free shell” clients, we have decided to STOP the free shell accounts for some time, and maybe continue again in the future!

For those who had approved shell account, we will activate them, and the ones who did abuse by using extra processes and disallowed services will be banned frmom using our free services.

To get a free shell, first you need to register your nickname on SiSrv IRC Network for at least two months.

To get a free shell you must make a request by providing the following information below using our contact form:

Your Nickname:
What services do you plan to use (please be specific):
If the services are irc-related, on what network will they be used:
If not – what processes will you run and approximately how much resources would you need (cpu, ram, space, traffic):
Additional information such as purpose of usage will be useful for us
How did you find out about SiSrv Free Shells?

DO NOT give any personal information to anyone (i.e. passwords/email etc)

NOTE: Our free shells are limited for psyBNC/ZNC, EggDrop, irssi, emech and similar, not for IRCd, and if you get approved for a free shell, do NOT use more than one znc/bnc connection in the same network.

If you have free shell, and decide to get vhost for your irc client, than your full name should state: “Free shell from”.

To maintain your account active, visit SiSrv IRC Network and channel #SiSrv more than twice a week and login(identify) in NickServ with the command /ns identify password

This is required so that we can suspend and prune inactive accounts in order to free server resources and allow new users to have a shell.

We will provide free ZNC to our registered and active users.