How to install flashpolicyd

July 18, 2016

  • wget
  • unzip
  • cd flashpolicyd
  • wget –no-check-certificate -O flashpolicyd.rb
  • chmod a+x flashpolicyd.rb
  • whereis ruby
  • ruby: /usr/local/bin/ruby /usr/local/man/man1/ruby.1.gz
  • edit flashpolicyd.rb (change the first line to /usr/local/bin/ruby)
  • edit check_flashpolicyd.rb (change the first line to /usr/local/bin/ruby)
  • ./flashpolicyd.rb –xml flashpolicy.xml –logfile flashlog.db –port 8008
  • tail flashlog.db – Verify that flashpolicyd is running

lightIRC 1.3 webcam module

The lightIRC 1.2 peer to peer streaming technology is not matured yet, and most users reported choppy video transmission, lag and other unacceptable characteristics. Thus, many people wanted the server side streaming back and continued to use the old lightIRC 1.1. Actually, only few webmasters are using the 1.2 peer to peer webcam module.
This is the reason why we decided to switch back to server side streaming. We want to provide users with the best webcam streaming technology possible, and that was certainly not the case with peer to peer.

lightIRC 1.3 supports server streaming using Wowza Media Server or Red5.

Wowza Media Server setup

Make sure you have an instance of Wowza Media Server installed.

  • Download the lightIRC Wowza application to the lib folder of Wowza
  • Create a folder named “lightIRC” in the applications folder of Wowza
  • Create a folder named “lightIRC” in the conf folder of Wowza
  • Put this file into conf/lightIRC
  • Adjust the OwnerNickname and OwnerPassword settings at the very bottom in the Application.xml
  • Restart Wowza

Red5 setup

    • Install Red5 on your server. Please use Red5 1.0.5 or higher.
    • Unzip the lightIRC webapp to the webapps folder of Red5
    • Adjust the OwnerNickname and OwnerPassword settings in webapps/lightIRC/WEB-INF/red5-web.xml
    • Start Red5 (./

How to install Red5 server

  • wget
  • tar -xvzf red5-server-1.0.9-M10.tar.gz
  • cd red5-server*/webapps
  • wget
  • unzip
  • cd ..
  • ./ & disown./ & disown ensure that the Red5 process stays alive even if you close your shell.

Please make sure you have Java 8 installed to run Red5.

You can validate it by typing java -version

If you have something like: java version 1.8.0_31 you are fine. Otherwise Red5 will throw errors at startup.

For reference: This lightIRC Red5 webapp works with the outdated Red5 1.0.0 RC1.

Both streaming servers

  • Pass params.rtmp = “IP/host of your streaming server”; and = true; in your config.js to lightIRC.

Example: params.rtmp = ""; or params.rtmp = "";

Don’t put a port here unless you explicitly defined an uncommon port in your streaming server config. lightIRC and the streaming servers default to port 1935 TCP for streaming. Make sure this port is forwarded/unblocked in your server firewall.
Also, don’t put port 5080 here. This is only for the Red5 web interface.


  • Webcam box not showing up
    Your license (params.accessKey) is not configured properly. Make sure you have the correct values in your config.js.
  • Webcam box greyed out
    The license works, but your streaming server is not reachable. Make sure the server is started and traffic over port 1935 TCP in the server firewall is permitted. The webapp is probably not properly installed as well.
  • Webcam selectable, but webcam icon does not appear in the user list
    License works and the connection to the streaming server is established. However, the webapp does not work properly. In case of Red5 please ensure that you are running the latest version and the corresponding lightIRC webapp for lightIRC 1.3.

Admin features

lightIRC 1.3 offers these commands to supervise webcams on your server:

/webcam identify password
/webcam admin
/webcam admin changepass password
/webcam admin add nick level
/webcam admin del nick
/webcam admin list

There are three levels of users: the owner, admins and operators.

All have different permissions:

Owner Admin Operator
Identify with the server Yes Yes Yes
Change own password No Yes Yes
Change other users password Yes No No
Add admins/operators Yes No No
Remove admins/operators Yes No No
List users Yes No No
Open webcam overview Yes Yes Yes
View private webcams Yes Yes No
Kick private webcams Yes Yes No
Kick public webcams Yes Yes Yes


The owner username and password are set in the streaming server config (see above).
The owner can then add admins and operators using the lightIRC commands.

lightIRC 1.2 webcam module

The lightIRC 1.2 webcam module used a new feature in Flash Player 10, called peer to peer streaming. That meant that lightIRC webmasters didn’t need a server (and bandwidth) to use the webcam feature anymore, instead all streaming data would flow directly between all connected peers.


  • The newest lightIRC 1.3 release
  • A lightIRC webcam module license
  • An RTMFP address for a handshake service (Adobe Cirrus)

As you have read, lightIRC doesn’t need a streaming server anymore. But a specific service is necessary for the initial handshake, which connects the clients among one another.
Adobe provides such a service for free. Please go to href=” and click “Signup for a Cirrus beta developer key”. After that, Adobe gives you an URL which looks similiar to this one:

Just use your personal address and pass it to lightIRC in your config.js file:
params.rtmfp = “rtmfp://”; = true;

That’s it!

lightIRC 1.1 webcam module

The lightIRC 1.1 webcam module uses Red5 as a streaming server. These are the installation instructions:

  • Install Red5 to your server:
  • Unzip the lightIRC webapp to the webapps folder of Red5
  • Start Red5 (./
  • Download lightIRC 1.1
  • Use the old version of the webcam access key.
  • Pass params.rtmp = “IP/hostname of your streaming server”; to lightIRC in your config.js